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Pedestrian Bridge over Perry Creek

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Due to significant erosion and scouring issues, the City of Sioux City, Iowa, was forced to close their pedestrian bridge in 2014 and came to V&K for help with a full replacement. We aided the city and school district in negotiating a funding agreement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and helped acquire a floodplain construction permit from the Iowa DNR. Because the site lies within a flood insurance study area, a hydraulic analysis of the site was conducted and it was determined that a single-span, pre-engineered steel truss bridge would span the opening while meeting all of the hydraulic requirements. In addition to the bridge replacement, this design included channel realignment, channel shaping, and channel protection to repair/restore the site from the scour and erosion experienced in 2014 flooding, as well as protect the adjacent properties from flooding in the future.

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