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Building Inspection

As they say, “knowing is half the battle,” and that’s especially true for your community’s building compliance. By staying on top of safety standards, you’ll be able to prepare for the future and plan appropriately as changes come down the pipeline. 

City staff tend to be stretched thin, with too much to do in any given week, there’s generally no room for small- to medium-sized municipalities to hire a building inspector. But, that doesn’t mean it should be left by the wayside. At V&K, we specialize in taking that responsibility off of your plate and are currently providing full-scale inspection services to more than 18 communities across the Midwest. 

Our staff will ensure that commercial buildings and homes are built and renovated to current code compliance, ensuring the highest level of safety to residents and visitors. We’ll help you achieve planning, development, and compliance goals so your community can stay ahead of upcoming growth. We offer an improved Insurance Service Office rating for every municipality we serve and each of our building inspectors retains certifications through the International Code Council.

Here are just a few of the services we can provide:

  • City-wide inspection services
  • Zoning assistance
  • Consultation service
  • Administrative services
Building Inspection Permits
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