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Land Survey

Every civil engineering project involves land. Before any design can be done, the team needs a detailed perspective of the project site and its surroundings. This is where surveying comes in. Our land surveying team provides experts on the ground who measure, map, and model all existing site features to match the client’s requirements with the physical site before work even begins.  

By providing land survey services in-house, we simplify the design process for our clients. Our survey teams communicate directly with the design team, ensuring client expectations are understood at project kickoff. Plus, we’re experts in navigating red tape for our clients and work directly with lending institutions, title companies, and local governing agencies to ensure our clients’ projects comply with all local, state, and federal regulations. 

We provide professional surveying products, tailored to our clients’ needs, on time, and within budget. Contact us today and we will pair you with a V&K surveyor in your area.

Types of surveys we can provide: 

Boundary/Retracement Surveys | Our team will work with landowners, developers, attorneys, and more to outline existing boundary lines and create new parcels or subdivisions. 

ALTA/NSPS Land Survey | We provide detailed surveys showing property lines, buildings, structures, and easements for clients to satisfy strict title insurance and lending institution requirements. 

State DOT Surveys | We are intimately familiar with state DOT practices and survey standings, making any road or bridge survey seamless and easy to follow for the entire design team. 

Acquisition Plats/Easements | Whether you’re looking at public or private land acquisitions, we provide accurate surveys and descriptions to fully capture the client’s easement intent. 

Construction Staking | Translating construction plans to real environments is a key step to any project, and we’ll verify every detail to ensure accuracy is maintained.

Topographic Survey/Mapping | We use cutting-edge tools and programs to provide detailed surface models for any client need.

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