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Bridge projects are major undertakings and it’s important to focus on the intersection between cost, safety, and functionality. But, there’s another factor—many bridges are a central part of a city’s identity, and it takes an experienced team to know how to handle it. 

Planning is key to tackling any bridge project. Because new implementations are difficult, costly, and time-consuming, our teams pay extra attention to detail on the front end to assess a bridge before we take any action. By evaluating its state and structure, we can determine the most economical way to address its issues. 

Our bridge team consists of more than 40 employees with experience across state lines. They’ll conduct in-depth inspections of existing bridges to determine the extent of deterioration and the current load capacity. We’ll then offer a report with detailed operating factors for a lifecycle cost analysis to determine whether rehabilitation or replacement is the best option. The prices associated with bridges are continuing to increase, so it’s important to determine every option available so we can ensure we’ll be providing a cost-effective solution to the community—including the future costs of maintaining the bridge over the course of its life. 

Lastly, as we make decisions to undergo rehabilitation or replacement, we’ll implement a construction plan to ensure the traffic can be redirected efficiently during the project. Any bridge construction is going to affect the community, and our teams will ensure that the project is going to provide new opportunities and a better way of life in the outcome.

Here are just a few of the services we can provide:

  • Bridge inspections
  • Bridge ratings
  • Bridge condition reports
  • AASHTO bridge specifications
  • Type, size, and location drawings
  • Bridge aesthetics
  • Bridge deck replacement
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