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Waukee Transite Water Main Replacement

Drinking Water

The City of Waukee is currently in the process of replacing aging and deteriorating transite water mains throughout their system. V&K worked closely with city staff to evaluate the existing water system and develop a phasing plan for replacement of all the remaining transite water mains. We developed a plan with five total phases that would adhere to the city’s budget, as well as increase the system’s pressure and flows.

Phase 1 included approximately 4,100 linear feet of 8-inch PVC and ductile iron water main, water service reconnections, hydrants, valves, and surface restoration. Because the project is near homes and businesses, we chose directional boring of the water main to reduce necessary excavations and replacements of streets and driveways. We installed ductile iron water main, in lieu of PVC, for lines near a leaking underground storage tank. 

V&K also provided water system modeling services for the City of Waukee, which was especially helpful for the project. The model concluded that two blocks of existing water main could be abandoned instead of replaced, without affecting system flows or pressures. The modeling process proved to be a cost-effective approach, ensuring that city budgets weren’t wasted on unnecessary installations. The project began in fall 2017 and construction began in spring 2020. Construction was completed in fall 2020, and Phase 2 of the project is currently entering the design phase. V&K’s scope of work included planning, survey, design, and construction administration.  

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