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IA 1 Over Old Woman’s Creek Bridge Replacement


During 2016, V&K coordinated a full replacement of the IA 1 bridge crossing over Old Woman’s Creek. The project required significant coordination between V&K, Iowa DOT, and the contractor, to ensure all parties were communicating and executing at full potential. This design—a replacement of the existing steel beam bridge with a 135’ by 44’ PPCB bridge—included D2, 100 percent unapproved plans, B3, and C2. We employed Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods, including a superstructure lateral slide and precast elements. Our teams designed and analyzed one integral abutment and one semi-integral abutment for final bridge loads, as well as loads from the lateral slide. We completed this project through our 2016 On-Call Assignment with the Iowa Department of Transportation, along with three culvert projects and another bridge along the same corridor, all while keeping the project on schedule and within budget.

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