Engineers Week 2019 - Russ Stammer

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Where are you from? Storm Lake, Iowa

Where did you go to school? Iowa State University

What office are you based out of? Rochester, Minnesota

Which area of engineering do you practice? Civil Engineering

What does “engineering” mean to you? Guiding clients, regulators and contractors to good solutions and good projects.

Why did you choose the engineering field? Aptitude tests in high school and talking with other classmates.

What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on? I have two! The Hampton, Iowa Composite Water Tower, which was the first modern composite water tower in Iowa. The second is the Fort Dodge Phase 1 Waste Water Treatment Improvements project, where repairs were made that brought the plant into compliance with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources while staying within the City’s set budget.

A piece of advice you would have for those considering engineering as a profession? Choose your profession based on the big picture of what you decide you want to do. Don’t avoid a career because of the classes you have to take to get there. I did not like chemistry in school, but it is an important part of my work.

Fun fact: I backpacked 72 miles at Philmont with my son and his fellow boys scouts a few years ago.