Engineers Week 2019 - Mat Saur

Mat Saur.jpg

Where are you from? Iowa City, Iowa

Where did you go to school? Iowa State University

What office are you based out of? Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Which area of engineering do you practice? Civil Engineering

What does “engineering” mean to you? Civil Engineers are problem solvers that help people by improving infrastructure and the environment.

Why did you choose the engineering field? I always enjoyed math and science in school, I had great teachers that really made those classes fun.  I also enjoyed building things and learning how stuff works.  Engineering seemed to check all of those boxes.

What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on? I have really enjoyed the variety of work that I have been involved in.  From water, wastewater, streets and building projects, I am always learning new things.  One of the more gratifying projects that I have worked on was a park project for the city that I live in (Marion).  My kids don’t usually get excited about a sewer plant I am working on but they really loved hearing about the new park and playground being built near our house.

A piece of advice you would have for those considering engineering as a profession? Engineering is not just about math and science, don’t forget about the soft skills.  You need to be creative, flexible and be able to work with others in a team setting.  While engineers are not typically known for their communication skills, communication is very important between co-workers and clients.  

Fun fact: While I am a proud ISU grad, I still root for the Iowa Hawkeyes in sports.