Engineers Week 2019 - Chris Kohlrus

C Kohlrus Low Res.jpg

Where are you from? Springfield, Illinois

Where did you go to school? Southern Illinois - Carbondale

What office are you based out of? Springfield, Illinois

Which area of engineering do you practice? Civil Engineering (Transportation)

What does “engineering” mean to you? To me engineering involves solving problems and asking “How can I fix this?”. I am always trying to fix things.

Why did you choose the engineering field? I knew in high school I was interested in engineering. I wanted to build things. Joining Henderson & Associates allowed me to see all facets of a project, from beginning to end, due to the size of the firm. I was able to gain experience in land surveying in that process and really enjoyed it.

What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on? U.S. 150 in Galesburg, Illinois. We relocated (moved) U.S. 150 due to visibility issues. In the process we also had to relocate a county road. A new bridge was constructed over the railroad tracks on the edge of Galesburg. All of the earthwork was completed during the first year to allow time for things to settle. Construction took place last year, and the road was formally opened for use in the Fall of 2018.

A piece of advice you would have for those considering engineering as a profession? First and foremost, it doesn’t matter where you go to school. Regardless of where you go to learn, you will only leave with theory. What matters is after school, once you enter the field. On the job is where you really learn how to be an engineer.

Fun fact: Family is my number one priority. While I work hard, I also like to play hard. I enjoy being the jokester of the office!